Finally Home

J and I had been renting together for a few years which afforded us the ability to try a new city in another part of the country and explore that region. After we headed back east, we settled in a 1,300 sq. ft. rented townhouse. It was pricey and a veritable rainbow of paint colors (11, I think), but in a cute New England town with a bakery, barber, and fish monger. Towards the end of our lease — that couldn’t be renewed — we found rental costs in nice neighborhoods equaling 2 t0 3 times a mortgage. It didn’t make financial sense for us to continue renting in an area we plan on staying for a few years.

We found a great realtor that let us take the reigns on homes we’d like to see as well as adding input on things we might not have necessarily looked out for. After touring some beautiful, messy, and sometime downright scary houses, we settled on a 1884 New Englander. It’s in fairly good structural condition with many cosmetic quirks (see: painted textured wallpaper, stick on tiles, layers of paint).  We know there are many things we have to do first, but J and I are really looking forward to updating and restoring this home.

We’ve started planing our projects for the house knowing somethings will be slow going. Some bigger projects need to wait till the weather is a bit warmer. When it does finally get warm out, we’ll be taking down a tree so the metal roof can be refinished, jacking the front porch back to level, and replacing some old lally columns in the basement.


Short Plans: Remove all painted wallpaper and repair/paint plaster walls. Refurbish butler’s pantry. Repair and restore railing.

Long Plans: Redo half-bath. Refinish floors. Possibly update kitchen.

Short Plans: Remove all painted wallpaper and repair/paint plaster walls. Repair and restore railing. Relocate existing lighting.

Long Plans: Wall off bedroom 1 from the den (currently has passageway). Replace shower insert with tub insert in bathroom. Refinish floors.

3rd Floor

Short Plans: Repair and restore railing.

Long Plans: Replace drop ceilings. Refinish floors. Remove painted panelling in favor of smooth drywall.

Dream: Create a whole floor master suite.


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