Squeezing In An Adventure

J and I were invited to a destination wedding in Colorado for some friends from the Midwest. The trip was short; leaving on a Thursday and coming back late Saturday with all Sunday to relax at home. We flew in early the day before the ceremony and took the opportunity to sightsee in downtown Denver. It was amazingly hot compared to our cooler (and lately rainy) coastal climate and was much welcomed.

Our drive was the farthest west J has ever been and he was impressed with how the Rockies seemed to just suddenly erupt from the plains. After checking into our rooms, we met up with our couple and family/friends on the edge of the Rockies for dinner at a small brewpub/steakhouse in Idaho Springs.

We woke up in the dark the next day to take the auto road to the top of Mount Evans for dawn photos. The drive up was slightly terrifying in the dark, but well worth the sunrise views. Afterwords, we headed down to Echo Lake for the ceremony and breakfast.

After, we did a little more sightseeing at Red Rock and had lunch with an old friend of J’s before saying good by to our newlyweds at their cabin and heading home. It wasn’t our most relaxing vacation, but has encouraged J to try new adventures.

Happy weddings & travels.

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