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  • With Halloween around the corner, all of HP Lovecraft’s works are available free online. Most (if not all) of his work is also available as free audio books on the app LibriVox.
  • Google searches will now include ebooks from your local library along side other sellers.
  • How to solve problems like a designer by Vox.

  • A new season of Zero Channel has started based on the creepy pasta No End House. It’s more psychological horror/thriller than American Horror Story.
  • An interactive map of each state’s favorite candy (plus 2nd and 3rd place) by

Easy Homemade Applesauce

J and I went apple picking at friend’s house and hauled away a big bag of mixed varieties. We canned a super simple unsweetened applesauce made in a slow cooker to savor for months to come. You’ll just need apples, a cinnamon stick, and a bit of lemon juice.

Peel and core enough of your apples to fill your slow cooker. Add a splash of lemon juice to reduce browning. Add a cinnamon stick and any other spices you may want (nutmeg or anise). Turn the slow cooker on high for 3-4 hours. Give the apples a good stir and they will dissolve into applesauce. Refrigerate in jars or can for the future.


September 2017

After a recommendation from a friend, I decided to video parts of my day in the hopes I’ll be able to look back at all the new experiences, projects, and time spent with friends and family. Big moments for this month (I was so bad at recording September.):

  • J completed is first race in years.
  • Got the house decorated for fall (We have a porch now!).
  • Started stripping the uppers of the butler’s pantry.