Butler’s Pantry: Update

I found some countertop material! I’d been hunting for scrap soapstone/marble/anything-really secondhand when I saw 3 sheets of 3’x5′ slate chalkboards for only $10 (O.o!). They came from an old school that was torn down. Luckily, slate is easy to cut yourself, but they are only 3/8″ thick and we will need to add a cabinet-grade plywood backer to install them. I plan to oil then after installation.

We’ve finished the simpler right-hand side of the pantry and finalized our plans for the left. In addition to beefing out the shelving and adding a toe kick to the mangled section, we had the idea to add a built in wine rack to the upper cabinet that is missing a bit. Hopefully, we will be able to blend the old and new with the stain.


We’re hosting during the holidays this year and will be holding off progress—and a big mess— until after.

(A look back at Part: 1.)